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10PCS WJX PICO Brushless Tattoo Machine 3.5MM Stroke


WJX Pico Brushless Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine
Ideal for smooth, realistic black and gray shading, The powerful motor comes with custom winding that has built-in give, specifically designed to offer artists a softer, more realistic hit.
We've designed it as a very short pen style machine to give a feel like its just only the grip in Your hand.

Brushless Motor

-10 times lifespan of traditional one
-Always stable and powerful even with low volatge
-No power attenuation with long term work
-More consistent, efficient and stable
Equipped with custom winding
Higher quality, quieter sound and less vibration
Air aluminum material and optimized stucture
Short and small size with strong power

Weight: 144g
Stroke: 3.5MM
Motor: Brushless motor
Working Voltage: 5-12 V
Speed: 12V/9000Rpm
Grip Diameter: 33MM
Length: 93 MM