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10 Pcs Dragonhawk Mast Saber Wireless Tattoo Machine


Mast Saber Wireless Tattoo Machine

More powerful battery The capacity of battery is 2000 mAh, can work for 8 hours when fully charged, just need 2 hours for fully charge,and it also can work normally when charging.
More easier operation Start up - adjust the voltage - work. It's very simple. No need extra operations can enter the working state immediately.
More humane details 10v start-up function at the moment of starting The remaining power is displayed. Working hours are displayed. 3 pcs of space aluminum grip with different diameter 2 pcs of disposable silicone grip


Motor 12V/10500Rpm coreless motor
Working voltage 5-10v
Needle stroke 3.5mm
Needle protrusion:0-4.5 mm
Suggest voltage for lining: 7.5 V-9 V
Suggest voltage for shading:6V-8V